A Boston staple, located behind historic Fenway Park, Jillian’s/Lucky Strike is part of a 70,000 square foot, multi-dimensional entertainment complex that spans over three floors. Whether it’s dancing, bowling, professional billiards, or great food and drink, there’s something for you tonight at Jillian’s/Lucky Strike!


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Free Bowling with Mustaches in November

Truly splendid, amazingly delightful events happen in the month of November: there is football Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays; we have Thanksgiving, which henceforth means mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey and a prime opportunity to overindulge in edible delicacies without feeling too bad about yourself. November is also the month in which we strive to bring attention to men’s general health […]

Thank You, Big Papi

Jillian’s has stood in the shadows of Fenway Park for decades. We’ve seen a lot of professional athletes come and go over the years, many who have passed through these halls to bowl, play pool and attend charity events. This October is like many other former Octobers, but it is also unlike many of its […]


Thriving at the bustling intersections of live music, nightlife and bowling, Jillians/Lucky Strike has emerged as an industry leader in entertainment by crafting immersive, unforgettable experiences through timeless friendly service, one-of-a-kind atmosphere, great food & drink, and industry leading bowling.